This page contains poems that I authored for homework assignments for my Islamic Studies students.  As I teach, I will add to the poems that are not complete. Insha Allah all who read them will benefit. All poems are pending publication.

The best man's life (seerah poem)

In two small surahs sent down one after the other

Allah tells the story of the Prophet’s grandfathers

And how Allah prepared Makkah for the Prophet to arrive

In his family and their trade, respected and alive

The people around Arabia loved what they bought and sold

Like spices, and jewels and cotton and gold

But the real treasure of the place would be in the form of the best man

Prophet Muhammad ibn Abdullah, Alaihi salatu wa salaam

The army of the elephant happened in the year of his birth

Abdullah and Amina’s marriage brought us the best man on earth

Halima watched him outside Mekkah until he was five

The widow Amina left nurse Um Ayman to watch him after she died

After 2 years with his grampa Abdul Muttalib passed away

And for the next decade, with his uncle Abu Talib he stayed

He worked as a trader and he worked guarding the sheep

He wanted to try to party but Allah made him fall asleep

He worked in trading caravans for Khadijah his future wife

In supporting, loving and caring for him she spent the rest of her life

The power couple lived in Makkah, for their status they were known

The Quraish were happy when it was him who placed the Black Stone

Yet the Ka’abah was full of idols, and their town was harsh and rude

Prophet Muhammad prayed that something would change their attitude

Then when he was 40, Angel Gibreel came to Hira cave

He brought the message ‘Iqra!’ and the Prophet tried to be brave

He understood at last that Allah sent him to jinn and mankind

Idol worship and oppression was going to be left behind

So he told his wife and family about worshipping the One

Who made them all, who made the earth, stars, moon and sun

He told his closest friends, the people he could trust

Hiding their prayers and their faith at this time was a must

Allah revealed to the Prophet the exciting news

That now in public he would tell everyone to choose

To leave the idols, and their pride to worship Allah alone

He reminded them that for his honesty he was well-known

His uncle Abu Lahab and his wife went on the attack

They spread lies and insults about the Prophet behind his back

But his uncle Abu Talib swore to protect his nephew till death

So all Quraish could do was talk about him badly under their breath

Many people accepted Islam, many of them poor and slaves

The weakest of all Makkans, but of all Makkans the most brave

They came to Dar al Arqam to learn, connect and pray

But the mushrikeen of Makkah would hurt them more every day

There was Bilal, the first mu’adhin, always said, ‘One, one’

And Abu Dharr, ibn Masud and Uthmaan ibn Affan

Khabbab ibn al Arrat and Zubayr ibn Al Awwam

Did any of them give up and leave Islam? No, not one!

The Makkan idol worshippers thought they could make Islam bend

They offered to Rasul Allah to worship idols and then switch at the year’s end

They’d worship Allah alone and go back after a year to pray to idols and stones

But Allah is supposed to be worshipped all the time, just Allah alone

Yes the Muslims in the early days were hurt, insulted and oppressed

But that doesn’t mean Allah would never give them a time of rest

This started when Hamza, the Prophet’s uncle, entered the deen

The Muslims got a boost of strength now in the Makkan scene

No matter what, the Muslims would never leave Islam

Including the Prophet Muhammad, alaihi salatu wa Salaam

The deals, the gifts, the threats, the tricks, and even offering bribes

Even after some of the Muslims went to Abysinnia to reside

The Makkans didn’t want the Muslims to practice Islam and hide

They wanted them to leave Islam, it hurt their pagan pride

But a Muslim is a Muslim in his words, and in his heart

To all those deals to leave Islam, Muslims say ‘Don’t even start!’

One day the giant Omar grabbed his sword and stomped away

Deciding Makkah would be better off if Muhammad went away

Before he got there, he was directed to his sister Fatimah’s home

He attacked them, then he read Quran, then believed in Allah alone

Angry about the strength of the Muslims and the Prophet Muhammad’s tribe

The enemies of Islam in Makkah decided to boycott them all till they died

The Muslims and the two tribes were hungry for 3 years straight

Then the boycott was lifted partly because of the boycott paper the ants ate 

The Year of Sorrow

Even though the boycott stopped, the Prophet’s life got worse

Within six months of being back at home, the one who had believed him first

His dear wife Khadeejah breathed her very last breath

Now a widowed father, the Prophet and his daughters grieved her death

She believed him, they had children, and she gave all of her wealth

For the sake of supporting Islam, but the boycott had stolen her health

And Abu Talib, his other great support was also on his death-bed

Abu Jahl and Prophet Muhammad were both near Abu Talib’s head

Abu Jahl told him he should stick with he way his father prayed

But Prophet Muhammad told him he couldn’t save him on Judgement Day

Abu Talib had been such a support for him and kept him safe from the Quraish tribe

But he stayed on the religion of his fathers when he finally died

2 Pledges

After he lost his uncle and wife and got chased out of town

Prophet Muhammad started reaching out and looking around

At Hajj, again, he spoke to all he could about Islam

And he found 6 men from Yathrib in whose hearts was emaan

The next year,12 came back to Aqabah to meet

And to pledge allegiance at Prophet Muhammad’s feet

To obey Allah, not to  kill their girls, or steal

These new Muslims swore to keep this deal

Mus’ab ibn Umair was sent to Yathrib to teach

And so many people and so many hearts did he reach

That next year the amount of Muslims was 75

And they invited Prophet Muhammad to live with them, to survive

The Hijrah

When most of the Muslims got away

Prophet Muhammad had still stayed

But made plans with Abu Bakr to leave

And how it made their hearts grieve

Makkah was home, but they had to get out

Omar was the only one with the clout

To bravely announce he was going away

Nobody met him to prevent him that day

The tribes all chose one man each

They held their swords until they reached

The house of Rasul Allah, with Ali in his bed

The plan was to attack him till he was dead

Allah covered them up so they couldn’t see

Rasul Allah leaving, but they saw Ali

Abu Bakr and the Prophet left their city

With a price on their heads: what a pity!

They travelled safely as they had a guide

A couple of times, they might have died

Allah protected them both, He was their third

With the web of a spider or the nest of a bird

The Battle of Badr

Now in Madinah, they all settled and learned

But the Makkans were so angry their hearts burned

The wealth that the Muslims left behind

Was packed up and sold: the Makkans didn’t mind

To get it back, the Muslims attacked

Two times they tried while Makkans headed back

The Makkans could not let this ride

They worked up an army, 1000 on their side

The Muslims took their place at the nearest well

The Makkans came in full force but the Muslims couldn’t tell

How the Makkan army was more than three times their size,

But soon Allah would help them with angels before their eyes

Hamza, Ali and Ubaydullah fought their duels and won

And soon the fighting began, and then when it was done

Only 17 Muslims were sent to meet their Lord Most High

And over 70 Makkans had come to Badr to die

The Battle of Uhud

From the Battle of Uhud we learn about the test

When you are commanded to do something you don't act like all the rest

The archers saw the battle was about to be won

and some left their posts even before the fighting was done

And Khalid bin al Waleed took this open chance

to bring his group around and trap the Muslim army with sword and Lance

until even the Prophet got some injuries

The Muslim army were almost brought to their knees

Yet Allah put fear into the hearts of the army of Makkah

And the Muslims fought them rarely and went home to Madinah

The Battle of Uhud was still a Muslim victory

but a lesson about obedience for you and me

The Battle of the Trench

Two years they waited still hateful

Towards the people who believe

Abu Sufyan was their leader

Wanting to make the Muslims grieve

Ten thousand men to start their army

And more were added as they rode

But when they all got to Madinah

A deep trench was across the road

Rasul Allah and his companions

Dug the trench the Persian way

And now Madinah was protected

So now the army camped and stayed

Banu Nadhir broke their treaty

And the munafiqoon were working too

Behind the backs of the Muslim army

Which shook the Muslims all the way through

The help of Allah was near to them

Nuaym, super-spy spoke to each side

Banu Nadir and the Makkans distrusted each other

Allah used Nuaym to help conquer and divide

Then a storm came which leveled their tents

And made their animals run away

The Makkans gave up and went back home

Their victory was not going to come that day

It may have been a bloody battle

Full of death, destruction and pain

But Allah decreed the hateful Makkans

Would just go home the way they came

The Treaty of Hudaibiyah

In a dream, Rasul Allah saw him making umrah to his hometown

But in real life, the Makkans didn’t want the Muslims around

He led 1400  around to Hudaibiyah nearby

Just because they were in IHram, the Muslims didn’t want to die

Uthman was chosen to go in to work out a useful deal

The hatred and the pride of the Makkans was all too real

They only cared what things looked like, not about what was right

They knew the Muslims came to worship Allah, not to fight

When Uthman was gone for too long, people started to say

That the Makkans killed him, and so that was the day

Rasul Allah took the Bay’atu Ridwaan

The pledge to protect him mentioned in Quran

A treaty was written up when Uthmaan came back

The Makkans and the Muslims for 10 years would not attack

The Muslims were free to go to Makkah and stay

But if any Makkan went to Madinah, he would be turned away

It was very hard for the Muslims that Rasul Allah agreed

They couldn’t understand that it was exactly what they would need

Allah’s plan is above and beyond any plan that we can make

So we obey and do all that we can for Allah’s sake

Makkah was waiting

Makkah was waiting, for years it would wait

for Rasul Allah to again enter it's gate

For too long Makkah was overrun

with idol-worshippers, but their time was soon done

Makkah was waiting for the Muslims to come back

Those turned from Madinah went on the attack

Makkah waited while treaties were made on each side

For 2 years after Hudaibiyah, which turned the tide

Makkah waited and soon the treaty was gone

Quraish sent Abu Sufyan to see what could be done

His daughter, the Prophet, and Companions turned away

So Abu Sufyan returned to Makkah to wait and stay

Makkah waited until the army of 10 000 arrived

They lit fires to impress and entered on 4 sides

If they stayed in their homes, each Makkan would be okay

And finally, now and forever, with Muslims Makkah would stay

Makkah was waiting for Rasul Allah to decide

who among the Makkans lived, and who among them died

He quoted Prophet Yusuf and forgave one and all

Cleaning out the Ka'abah so Makkah could once again stand tall 

the eternal enemy (prophet adam and iblis)

Iblis was among the angels because he was religious

But when Allah made Adam, Iblis became suspicious

Allah’s command to prostrate made Iblis puff with pride

Iblis argued with Allah, ‘I am better than him’ he lied

Jealous of Adam, he tricked him into making a mistake

He told Adam he’d live forever, but that promise was fake

Adam and Hawwa begged Allah to forgive their sin

But Iblis never did, and that’s why he’ll never win

We know Shaytan is the biggest loser, proud and rebellious

A liar, a deceiver, a salty enemy who’s jealous

So we learn about him and how he got that way

So we can do the exact opposite and win on Judgement Day

Before they met Shaytan, they both never heard a lie

He said he was sincere, so that’s the reason why

They ate from the tree thinking they would  never die

Shaytan learned that Adam would follow his desire

Adam learned Shaytan wanted to take him to hellfire

To this day Shaytan inspires every jealous liar

What happened next was the greatest lesson yet

When we make mistakes and even when we forget

We say the dua of forgiveness Adam and Hawwa said

We have so many chances from now until we’re dead

But Shaytan never said it, and he always stayed proud

We can get to Jannah, but Shaytan is not allowed

the friend of allah (prophet ibrahim)

Raised by a man who made idols by hand

Prophet Ibrahim did not understand

How his father and his people could forget

Who it was that causes the sun to rise and set

First he asked his father why he was devout

And then Ibrahim’s father kicked him out

Ibrahim showed people who worshipped the sun

How wrong they were to reject Allah, the One

When they left to go party, every idol he broke

Except the biggest one, but it never spoke

To get rid of him, they catapulted him in the flame

But Ibrahim kept cool and they were put to shame

Even though he lived a long time ago

His skills of dawah and tawakkul show

His deep belief that Allah guides all of us

So like Prophet Ibrahiim, in Allah alone we trust

the wise man from quran (luqman)

Luqman the Wise is mentioned in a surah with his name

A special man from Ethiopia, and some people claim

That he was a prophet because his lessons were the same

The important thing is the lessons that he taught

To believe Allah comes first and to have clear thought 

To do the things that are good and avoid what is not

Twelve lessons from his words are listed here:

Thank Allah, praise Him alone, of HIm we hope and fear

Obey Allah and obey your parents, and keep them near

Repent to Allah, be aware of him every day of every year

Establish Salah, forbid bad and do good, be patient and persevere

Don’t show off, walk with pride or make your voice harsh to hear

the most beautiful story (prophet yusuf)

When Yusuf was just a boy he had a special dream

The planets made sujood to him, he didn’t know what it could mean

His father Prophet Yaqoob said, ‘It means that you are sent

By Allah as a Prophet, but don’t let it leave this tent’

Yusuf’s older brothers hated him because they were sure

That Prophet Yaqub loved his sons Binyamin and Yusuf more

They plotted to kill him, then they changed their minds

Then they said to leave him in a well for some travellers to find

Just imagine Prophet Yaqub sadness when they came back

He knew his sons were lying about the wolf attack

And now Yusuf was missing, left for dead or even worse

‘Beautiful patience’ said Prophet Yaqub in the Quran verse

Things were looking up when the Aziz brought him home

But things weren't looking good when he was left alone

With the wife of the Aziz and all her gossipy friends

Yusuf said he’d rather jail then to see where that drama ends

While in jail, he met two men who used to work for the king

He taught them what their dreams meant, because that was his thing

‘You’ll go back to work, and so tell the king about me,”

Yusuf asked but he forgot, so for a while he wasn’t set free

The king had strange dreams about skinny cows and grain

Prophet Yusuf relayed to him it was about drought and rain

Before he agrees to come out of his prison chains

The king has to clear Yusuf until no doubt about him remains

So Yusuf got to work as the minister doing all he could

For seven years the rains came and harvest was good

Then a drought and famine came and nothing could grow

To eat, people got food Yusuf stored, so into the city they would go

Yusuf’s brothers stood before him and they asked to buy grain

They didn’t recognize him, of course he didn’t look the same

Yusuf told them to bring Binyamin when they came back

And when they did, the king’s cup was hidden in his sack

All the brothers returned home except Binyamin and one

Prophet Yaqub had cried so much his eyesight was done

Later the brothers had to go back and beg for more grain

And Yusuf told them who he was, and said there was no blame

When his whole family came to Egypt, they all made sujood

So grateful were they all, their faith in Allah renewed

The dream about the stars, moon and sun had finally come true

And Prophet Yusuf’s story is a beautiful lesson for me and you


From the family of Imran was born a special girl

Who was blessed above all other women in this world

Maryam's mother promised Allah her child would serve and pray

Even though only boys served in the temple back in the day

She grew up with Uncle and Prophet Zakaria taking care

When he visited her, fresh fruits out of season were always there

She was surprised by an angel who brought her the news

That she would have a baby that would soon school the Jews

dawah to the pharaoh (prophet musa)

Born in a family of Bani Israil, baby Musa was a threat

The Firaun was going around killing all the baby boys he could get

He was worried that a prophecy he was told would take place

That a boy from Bani Israil would de-throne him in disgrace

Musa’s mother was inspired by Allah to hide him well

To put the baby in a basket and send him on the Nile

The older sister followed him and ended up with the queen

And Firaun told her they’d raise him, even though he was mean

He was nursed by his mother and grew up as royalty

He lived in Firaun’s palace and grew up on finery

When he grew strong, he defended his fellow man

But soon his reputation made him have to leave the land

He ran away from Egypt and found himself all alone

He begged Allah for relief, and soon found himself a home

His wife and him were travelling one night and he saw a flame

When he got close to it, he heard Allah call his name

His mission was to go back to Firaun and call him to Islam

But Prophet Musa knew that he was a wanted man

He begged Allah for help and Allah gave him Haroon his brother

And together they prepared for a mission like no other

Prophet Musa said, “Allah has sent my brother and me”

And Firaun said, “Didn’t you live here as a baby?”

Prophet Musa said, “Believe in Allah, who created Earth and Sky”

And Firaun said, “I am your Lord, most high”

Firaun said, “I will build a tower to look at your God”

And he really didn’t see how his logic was flawed

“That you are a messenger, you expect me to believe?”

“I’ve also come to tell you to let the Bani Israil leave”

“Why would I believe you?” Firaun proudly asked

“Here my hand is glowing, and here is my staff

It has become a snake, and these are not magic tricks.”

So Firaun makes a contest and from the magicians he picks

The most skilled, and they amazed the whole crowd

Then they said to Musa ‘throw’ and Firaun was so proud

Until he saw the huge snake eat up all the other ones

And curl around him, wrap him up and scare him tons

The Egyptians were shown sign after sign

And they begged Prophet Musa time after time

Each time Allah relieved them, they turned away

Back to oppressing the Bani Israil, until one day

Allah brought them out of Egypt to the Red Sea

When his people complained, Musa said, ‘Allah will guide me’

And Allah parted the waves and they all walked through

Except the Egyptian army was drowned, and Fir’aun too

prophet musa's teacher (al khidr)

Later on, Prophet Musa learned from a wise man

He and his servant were sent to where the two seas ran

They met Al Khidr, who made a pact to which Musa agreed

That he wouldn’t ask Khidr about anything or any deed

First they traveled together and they got a free ride

On a fishing boat, and Khidr broke a hole in its side

Prophet Musa forgot himself and said, ‘Why did you do that?’

Khidr said ‘I knew you couldn't  be patient; remember our pact’

Prophet Musa apologized and they traveled more

Until they reached some young boys playing on the shore

Khidr took one boy’s soul and Prophet Musa said, amazed,

‘You’ve taken an innocent life!’ and Khidr was unfazed

They kept walking together until they came to a town

The people refused to feed them, or even let them sit down

A wall outside the place was in need of repair

So Khidr fixed the wall back up with love and care

When Prophet Musa suggested the people pay

Al Khidr told him they had to go their separate ways

But now it was time for Khidr to explain

All the things about which Prophet Musa complained

The boat if not broken would have been stolen by a king

And the boy, if kept alive, would do such horrible things

And the wall, if left broken, would expose the treasure beneath

So the orphans who owned it would get nothing but grief

We learn important lessons about how to learn

When our teachers tell us things, we have to, in turn

Be patient, listen, and trust what they teach

And put into practice what our teachers preach


People in the time of the Prophet knew about this great man

Descended from Ibrahim, he lived on Palestinian land

Allah chose him to be a messenger and a guide

Even though he was rich and happy, on Allah alone he relied

Prophet Ayyub helped everyone and gave out his wealth 

He had a big family and they all had great health

He remembered Allah and thanked Him for all he had

He taught all his people to do good and not bad

Until Allah changed the tests, things were going fine

Patient Prophet Ayyub never ever changed his mind

His wealth was gone, his health was gone and then his family too

But through it all Prophet Ayyub knew there was nothing else to do

Than to be patient, keep praising Allah and turning to Him alone

Praying harder, worshipping longer, knowing it was all a loan

He complained to Allah only about his worry and his stress

And only in the remembrance of Allah do hearts find rest

Allah answered his duas and gave Prophet Ayyub relief

He rewarded him in this life for his unshaking worship and belief

He got healthy again and more children came to him and his wife

Prophet Ayyub is our example of staying patient with the tests of life


On the Day of Judgement we will asked these 5:

How we spent our days when we were alive

When we were strong, how did we live?

When we worked hard, how much did we give?

And did we teach anyone what we know?

We need to check these things to protect our soul!

a gift from the most generous (quran)

If you want to know how to be the best person you can

Then pick up this blessed gift:  read the wonderful Quran


For 23 years, the message came from above

In Makkah and Madinah, sent with care and love


From Allah, who sent instructions on how we should be

For all of us on earth, on every land, across every sea


In beautiful Arabic, easy to recite and understand

Given to Prophet Muhammad, alaihi salwaatu wa salaam


The best among us all are the ones who learn and teach

We study the Quran so we hope that we can reach


The Jannah in the next life, and for now pass every test

We hope to know the most Quran when we take our final rest


To Niniveh, a big city in Iraq, Prophet Yunus was sent

He tried to get them to worship Allah, but they were all bent

On worshipping idols and ignoring him, so soon he said he was done

First he told them in 3 days Allah’s punishment would come

While he was gone, the people of Niniveh became very scared

They left their city and begged Allah for forgiveness and to be spared

Allah forgave them and they believed and worshipped Allah alone

But Prophet Yunus had left his job, and went to the seashore to roam

The ship he travelled on got trapped in a great storm

When they saw it was Prophet Yunus, the sailers were torn

But they threw him in the ocean, and Allah sent to him a whale

Who swallowed him up, and Allah stopped the gale

In the deepest part of the ocean, all alone under the sea

Prophet Yunus called out to Allah, “Oh Allah forgive me!

You are my Lord, and I have done myself wrong

And after his beautiful duaa it wasn’t very long

Until the whale brought him up and spat him out on the shore

He realized his big mistake, he wouldn’t leave his people anymore

A leafy plant grew over him to shield him from the sun

And when he returned home, all his people worshipped Allah, the One

the best book (quran)

It’s the very last message from Allah to us

In its stories and guidance we can all trust

Confirming the knowledge that came before

We have the Quran: protected and pure

It tells the whole world the way to act right

How to spend, how to eat, how to pray, how to fight

The words of Allah are our guiding light

Just one of the ways Allah shows us His might

Allah sent messages to Earth with the best men

Pure at revelation, but changed a lot when

People forgot, or decided to make a change

To add, delete, get creative and re-arrange

So the last book confirms all sent before

When you read Quran, you don’t need to read more

All the details, stories and lessons from the past

Are protected in Quran, the book Allah revealed last

When the surahs and the ayahs were sent

The Companions made sure their energy was spent

On writing down each one, every ayah, every word

Then they read it back to make sure of what they heard

Allah’s promise to preserve the Quran is true

So what does that mean for me and you?

We read from some pages that are 1300 years old

The same stories that are in the book we hold

In the time of Abu Bakr, many huffadh were passing away

Umar wanted the pages collected to keep them safe till the Last Day

Hafsa kept them, and Uthmaan had copies made the same way

Our musaahif are the same as the oldest ones museums display

preserving his words (hadith compilation)

No other people in the world have a system like we do

So we can know what the Prophet said, and what he did, too

To imitate how he prayed and how he ate his food

His words, his clothes, his manners, even how he made wudu

At first his Companions, the Sahaabah memorized what he said

And so the next generation, the Tabi’een wrote it down instead

The Tabi’tabieen learned hadith from them and lived the sunnah well

How do we truly know about the Prophet? This is how we can tell.

The huge amount of work and traveling all around

To collect each hadith with an isnad that’s sound

Teaching the sunnah of the Prophet? Then you’re a star

People will come to learn from you, no matter how far

In the 200s after Hijrah came a new kind of book

Scholars traveled far and wide to take a careful look

At hadith collection, memorizing and learning on their way

So we could have the Sahih Sittah that we have today

Imam Bukhari led the group of very intelligent men

Imam Muslim also wrote a Sahih and learned from him

Abu Dawud focused on the legal ones, and so did At-Tirmidhi

All Muhad,ditheen with Ibn Majah and An Nasaa’ee

about our lord

Allah is far beyond anything that we can see

He is greater than the mountains, land and sea

His names are perfect, their meanings are the best

He can’t have any flaws, be unjust, or need rest

When we think about Allah, to Him is all the praise

We can’t imagine His greatness, or the very many ways

He helps us, supports us, teaches us and guides

Who else can give us life, bring rain or cause the tides?

allah's promises

Just like when baby Musa was returned

About Allah’s promises we have learned

That Allah has all the power and might

To fulfill His promises for those who do right

There are 2 things to do your part

First is belief in Allah in your heart

Then the second is to do good deeds

These are 2 every Muslim needs

living tawheed (oneness of allah)

It's not enough that we just say we're Muslimeen

We have to have tawheed and show that we love our Deen

We love and trust in Allah and know He will provide

We obey His laws and know that only He will guide

Those other people who disobey Him and disbelieve

Will worship others, committing kufr and that's all they achieve

The kuffaar know about Allah but choose not to obey

They will wish that they had not done so on the Judgement Day

We have to be very careful to avoid shirk in all we do

We may ask someone for help, but help only comes through

The people, the technology, the weather and the plans

To avoid shirk we know it's all in Allah's hands

the most beautiful names (names of allah poem collection)

Al Aleem

Because Allah made everything and He was always there

Allah knows all creation, in the water, earth and air

Al Aleem knows how we’re feeling deep inside our chest

So even if we know something, we say ‘Allah knows best’

Ar Rahmaan

Ar Rahmaan’s mercy takes care of our bodies and our souls 

He guides us on our way and He helps us with our goals 

He could have left us drifting without a single clue 

But He sent us messengers so we all know what to do

Ar Raheem, Al Malik

When we believe in Ar-Raheem, we see He’s merciful and kind

When we work to get to Jannah, we won’t get left behind

Everything belongs to Al Malik, the King of all kings

Everything returns to Him, all the people and all the things

Allah’s Name al Akram

When we read the Quran, it’s Allah’s words we speak

It’s the last book and the best book, if it’s guidance you seek

Al Akram’s generosity is felt on every page

The Quran, a gift from Allah, for all people, for every age

Allah’s Name Al Afuw

Ya Al Afuw wipe out my sins for me

And the sins of my friends and entire family


Maryam Umm Eesa

From the family of Imran was born a special girl

Who was blessed above all other women in this world

Maryam's mother promised Allah her child would serve and pray

Even though only boys served in the temple back in the day

She grew up with Uncle and Prophet Zakaria taking care

When he visited her, fresh fruits out of season were always there

She was surprised by an angel who brought her the news

That she would have a baby that would soon school the Jews


From the first visit from the angel, Khadijah knew

That he was bound for greatness, and Prophethood too

She stood by him and supported the mission that he brought

She was the first Muslim, convinced of everything he taught

From the Princess of Quraish to the Prophet’s wife

Lady Khadijah had a blessed and wonderful life

From running a big business to being the best mother

Lady Khadijah was in his heart and mind like no other


Born to a family who accepted Islam

Aisha's father Abu Bakr was the man

after the Hijrah, she appeared in a dream her marriage to the Prophet is what it would mean

Generous and full of energy to serve the deen

She was slandered by people who were evil and mean

Allah revealed ayaat from Quran to prove she was pure

About her status in Islam we can be sure

She brought water and nursed the wounds of the mujahideen

And she spent every dinar she had to feed the masakeen

Rasul Allah was at her house when he died

And her father was laid to rest right by his side

When Caliph Uthmaan was martyred in his home

Aisha and other companions could not leave it alone

She thought Caliph Ali wasn't going to take revenge

so she raised and led an army so she herself could avenge

From the time Aisha as Siddiq became a widow

She spent much of her time teaching so that others could know

over 2000 ahadeeth about all aspects of life

We ask Allah to be pleased with Rasul Allah's beloved wife

Fatimah az Zahra

She was the daughter of a righteous woman and man

She was a little girl when her father began to teach Islam

As her father was attacked, she came to his defense

And her little heart broke, the pain was so intense

Her mother Khadijah died after the boycott in the valley

So she became the woman of the house to help her father rally

After the hijrah she married her father's cousin Ali

She had 4 children and they raised their family

Taking part in the wars, Fatimah worked as a nurse

Her life was not easy, but it could have been much worse

Her home was a place of emaan, and her family was blessed

Six months after her father died,  Fatimah was laid to rest


She established a city

With just her and her little baby

The Zamzam we drink

Makes every Hajji think

About her and her son

Prophet Ismail was the one

Who later built the Ka’aba

With his father in Makkah


She was married to a man that was the worst

But when she saw baby Musa, her heart burst

She raised him in her home, but then he went away

But he came back a Prophet, and he taught her how to pray

Her husband the Firaun found out she had belief

He punished her until Allah gave her relief

She asked Allah to save her from those who oppress

And she has a place in Paradise, where she can finally rest

Umm Habibah bint Abu Sufyan

At first she was married to a rich man

Who, like her, accepted Islam

Then to Africa they lived for some time

And her husband left Islam, addicted to wine

Then she married the Prophet of Allah

And she became a mother to the ummah

Her father Abu Sufyan was the Prophet’s enemy

But she still chose Islam over him, clearly

Asma bint Abi Bakr

Daughter of As-Siddiq, she was very brave

She helped her father and the Prophet when they were in the cave

To bring them water and food, she had to sneak out

And kept them hidden from the many men who wandered about

After they got to Madinah, Asma and her sisters came

And life in Madinah and life in Makkah were just not the same

She married Az-Zubair and they had a son

And when he was martyred, Asma was a patient one

muslim character

Why More?

Why do you want to be selfish and greedy?

Just imagine if all of us gave to the needy?

Allah has created and managed all things

We can never count all the good Allah brings

You have a lot of time and you have a lot of stuff

When you want more, just know you have enough

And when, one day, you have more than you need

Make sure you share and avoid the sin of greed

Truth is the Way

When you tell a lie, that's not where it ends

Whether you're trying to get something

or impress your friends

When you tell the truth, everything becomes clear

You don't have to worry or have any fear

Allah loves those who stand for what's right

We focus on being the best in Allah's sight

We will all be asked about the things we say

May Allah give us success on Judgement Day