My Books


Are you disappointed with the princess stories you read or watch?   Wouldn't it be nice to hop into those stories and give the characters a piece of your mind?But what they really need is the message of Islam to solve their many, many problems...

Amal and the Storybook Princesses is a series of storybooks that teach children how to give dawah and help people understand about Allah and Islam.

the miracle of the bowl of milk

My retelling of the miracle of the Prophet Muhammad, narrated by Abu Huraira about how one bowl of milk fed a room of people, including the very hungry companion and the Prophet of Allah. Published by GoodWord Books of India.

hajj story and activity books

Self-Published activity books about Hajj for Muslim boys and girls. Nearly everyone in my city has a copy as I've been self-publishing them for nearly 20 years! Print copies available upon request from the author.