Sakina bint Erik


Sakina bint Erik is a 

She lectures on all the topics she learns about in her pursuit of a Bachelor's in Islamic Studies, including the amazing legacy of Muslim women scholars throughout history.  She is striving to memorize Quran, homeschool her children, run small businesses at home, and offer dawah through her social media channels.

If you are an author, or you want to get your book out of your head and on paper, Sakina can ghostwrite or guide you to write an excellent story, whether it's your own life or a fictional one you want to place in the hands of others. If it's a children's book, she has years of experience creating artwork for children's publications in several media styles. 

Artwork Gallery


"We needed new signs at our new corporate offices and center and we had very specific limitations and criteria.

Sakina did a fantastic job of designing and creating the signs, installing them promptly and professionally, and did so without interfering with regular operations by working around our schedule and doing the installation at a convenient time.

This would be sufficient for us to be very satisfied with her work.

However, she went a step further, and added additional features that greatly enhanced the esthetic and impact of the signage, and even threw in an extra free car decal!

Incredibly satisfied. Will continue to recommend her work to anyone needing her services."

Omar Mahfoudhi

Islam Care Center